Herunterladen von Wammu

Wammu stabile Version 0.44

Veröffentlicht am 5. Januar 2018, siehe Detailinformationen.


You are downloading Wammu source code. Before you can run Wammu, you need to have installed python-gammu, Python and wxPython. There are also some optional requirements for additional features which are listed in INSTALL file in sources. This file also contains more detailed instructions about installing Wammu.

Windows binaries

You are downloading standalone Wammu installer for Windows. If you want to use your system Python and install dependencies manually, please use pip tool to install Wammu.

Linux Binärpakete


Sollten Sie Interesse an einem Git-Zugang oder Git-Snapshots haben, finden Sie diese auf der Entwicklungs-Seite.