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Created list of wanted skills

You wanted to join our development and did not know where to start? Check our list of wanted skills!

The list of wanted skills contains currently most wanted skills within the development team. On the other side do not take it as complete listing, because we will welcome anybody, who is willing to help us.

Veröfffentlicht von Michal Čihař, am 30. November 2009

Frequenly asked questions answered

Frequenly asked questions for Gammu and Wammu now have been answered!

People still ask similar questions Gammu and Wammu and it's not that funny to answer them again and again. So I finally wrote them down and made them available as separate FAQ page.

Veröfffentlicht von Michal Čihař, am 26. November 2009

Help improving translations

Gammu and Wammu are translated to several languages, but the translations are far from being perfect.

The contribution is easy and documented on translating page. Translating brings you great opportunity to contribute to free software without programming skills, so if you know some language, feel free to start as soon as possible! New Wammu release is getting closer and it will include your work.

Veröfffentlicht von Michal Čihař, am 24. November 2009

Windows build maintainer wanted

Gammu and Wammu are looking for maintainer of Windows build. You have great opportunity to help this project.

As you might have noticed, Gammu 1.26.91 has been released without Windows binaries for Python bindings. The reason is simple - my cross compilation setup broke again and I don't have time to fix it. Cross building Python extensions was always tricky, but it is getting harder and harder with each Python version - it requires newer MSVC support libraries to link with and it introduces various complications.

Doing that natively on Windows, should not be that hard. You need to have Visual Studio and you need some experiences with building things for Windows. If you want to help, just contact us on mailing list.

Veröfffentlicht von Michal Čihař, am 19. November 2009

Gammu 1.26.91

Gammu 1.26.91 has been just released. This release improves SMSD filtering capabilities, fixes lot of bugs and introduces several workaround for broken phones.

Full list of changes:

You can download it from

Veröfffentlicht von Michal Čihař, am 19. November 2009